CIP codes, or Classification of Instructional Programs, have been developed y the USDOE-National Center for Education Statistics to help states identify the content of our wide range of academic and career and technical instructional programs offered at the secondary and postsecondary levels. Every approved credit program (i.e. A.A.S. degree or Career Certificate) offered by a community college has a 6-digit CIP code assigned to it, i.e. 48.0508 Welding Technology.

Programs are assigned CIP codes by community college staff and are approved by ICCB staff. These codes help us to 1) categorize instructional offerings consistently statewide; 2) track student enrollments and completions at the program level, and ; 3)connect secondary offerings with postsecondary offerings.

CIP Codes and Programs of Study

CIP codes are important in the development of a local Program of Study not only for these reasons, but also because all CIP codes are linked to a specific Career Cluster and Pathways at the national level. Knowing the proper CIP code and local title for your program will help alleviate any question about where it belongs in the Cluster/Pathway/POS structure. Identifying the appropriate Career Cluster/Pathway for your program will assist in the development of cluster and pathway level knowledge and skills.

CIP Code Questions

If you have any questions regarding the CIP code of your programs, contact your Institutional Research department or ICCB staff member Tricia Broughton at for assistance.

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