Overview of Perkins Performance Data

Accountability is a central focus of Perkins IV. The law sets out new performance requirements for states and local programs. These requirements were established "to assess the effectiveness of the state in achieving statewide progress in career and technical education, and to optimize the return of investment of Federal funds in career and technical education activities."

Illinois community colleges now have access to a resource to promote program improvement and advance dialogue about strengthening performance – the Perkins Online Data System (PODS). PODS is available in a series of Excel spreadsheets. All colleges have the ability to view their own data, information from other institutions, and statewide figures. The Postsecondary Perkins Online Data System can be accessed at: The Postsecondary Perkins accountability data is comprised of the following indicators:
1P1: Technical Skill Attainment
2P1: Credential, Certificate, or Diploma
3P1: Student Retention or Transfer
4P1: Student Placement
5P1: Nontraditional Participation
5P2: Nontraditional Completion

How to Use PODS

To begin in PODS, click the "Overview of College Results" link, which provides: overall institutional outcomes for each specific college; statewide results, for comparative purposes; local and state trends over time; local results, as compared to statewide results.

Use this data to collaborate with colleagues - develop plans, identify milestones, timelines, and responsible parties to elevate performance. Look more closely at demographic and special populations breakouts to determine which group(s) are impacting overall performance. Prioritize local initiatives by starting with those measures where performance is relatively low or stagnant and then go back to identify opportunities to build on the measures where local performance is relatively high. If the number of students in a particular measure is low, consider options for increasing participation as appropriate.

Spreadsheets can be sorted to allow college officials to make a quick assessment of how local institutional performance compares with best in class performing colleges (be sure to include all the columns in the sort range that you designate). Benchmarking local performance with peer institutions also provides useful information. The spreadsheets have been formatted to make them easy to print and saved on your computer (using the "Save As" function).

PODS Contacts

Technical problems with the website, please contact:
Doug Lally
ICCB Technology Services
(217) 785-0093

Questions about the Perkins Performance Measures or enhancement suggestions to the PODS website:
Nathan Wilson
Research and Policy Studies Division
(217) 558-2067