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O Amor Acontece
  • Eerste uitzenddatum: 2021-07-04
  • Laatste uitzenddatum: 2021-08-04
  • Oorspronkelijk land: PT
  • Originele taal: pt
  • Runtime: 60 minuti
  • Genre:
  • Műfaj: Reality
  • Tv-netwerken:


O Amor Acontece

Aantal seizoenen: 1 Aantal afleveringen: 43

Overzicht: Originally from the Netherlands, Let Love Rule now has a Portuguese version. Each week, four new stories are shown, lived by different protagonists that we meet every Sunday. At the end of four days, a meeting dictates the participants’ continuation as a couple – outside the experience – or their separation. In a ceremony, led by Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Pedro Teixeira, the couples evaluate their experience. Mafalda de Castro presents the diaries of this format, which is premised on helping singles find love.

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